FPGA tutorial Step 1: Getting started

Installation of Vivado

  • Install vivado webpack edition (allows for development for basys3 board)

  • Download extra stuff from digilent page. Link: Xilinx downloads page

  • Download basys3 constraints-file (contains mapping-info from logical names to pin-numbers) which will be a .xdc-file.

    Link: , Direct download link:

Creating your first project

Create a new project and choose and project name and locationimage-20200707140826575

Choose RTL Project image-20200707141132821

Skip "add sources" step image-20200707141324614

Add constraints-file. NOTE: Remember to flag "Copy constraints files into project":image-20200707144711100

In the next section, switch to the "boards" pane, and search for basys3: image-20200707142537551

Now click "Finish": image-20200707142610193

And now you have created your first project: